How much does an insurance license cost?

We often get asked, “How much does an insurance license cost?” Besides the cost of your pre-licensing course that you may take with OnLine Training (OLT), there are several fees paid to the state and other entities. You will need to pay them after you finish your course with OLT.

Insurance License Costs

Current costs as of this writing include $50 for your license application, $5 for your license ID, $48.05 for fingerprinting, $44 for your state exam, $60 for your appointment (which may be paid by your employer), and a variety of late fees and penalty fees may be assessed if you don’t maintain your records properly with the state. You can find these listed on the state website at

All fees paid to the state are non-refundable. Some fees are waived for certain military members. For more details on OLT courses and prices, go to or for Florida specials check out