OLT Releases New Real Estate Courses!

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OnLine Training’s OLT Real Estate School has been under development for several years, and we are excited to be able to present to you the first several courses, with more on their way!

OLT Courses are Research-based

OLT’s courses are based on the fundamentals of adult learning and motivational theory. The company’s founder and President, Dr. Terrence R. Redding, Ph.D., has been involved in adult education, training, and training development for over 50 years. Our courses are research-based, easily editable anytime a law changes or a student makes a suggestion, and are available 24/7/365 anywhere you have internet access. Courses are designed to guide the student most efficiently and effectively through the learning process. Students move sequentially through one topic after another, with frequent lesson questions and quizzes to solidify the individual’s understanding of all the concepts in the course. After completion of a lesson or the entire course, students can return to any lesson or quiz they desire to review or drill concepts on which they may need more work.

Real Estate Pre-Licensing

The OLT RE004FL63 Real Estate Sales Associate pre-licensing course is brand new, state-approved, and follows the proven teaching methods OLT has been using in our online courses for over 20 years! Also featured are brief videos and animations to enhance the learning of major concepts or to introduce the lesson.

Check out a demo of the first unit of our Sales Associate pre-licensing course here. Login with username “demo” and password “demo” – no quotes.

Real Estate CE and More!

OLT Real Estate CE courses are in development now, and will be rolled out as they are finished. Two of them are state-approved and are available for purchase, RECE002FL3 Business Ethics and RECE003FL4 Fair Housing. The other two will be coming soon, giving us the entire 14 hours of required CE for Real Estate Sales Associates. The CE courses are in a similar format to the pre-licensing course.

Check out a demo of the first couple lessons of our Business Ethics CE course here. Login with username “demo” and password “demo” – no quotes.

Future plans include the Sales Associate Post-License course, Real Estate Appraiser Pre-License course, and more!

Remember we also continue to link with the Florida Real Estate School to offer their Real Estate CE and FREC Licensing courses.