“What do I do? I want to sell General Lines – Property and Casualty Insurance?”

Sometimes we are asked, “What do I do? I want to sell General Lines – Property and Casualty Insurance?” 

To sell insurance in the State of Florida, you must be licensed (by the State) and also appointed (usually by your employer). You apply with the State for both of these. All licenses require prerequisite pre-licensing education and a State Exam, with some exceptions. All pre-licensing courses require you to purchase the appropriate State study manual. We also have two Designation courses. These particular kinds of pre-licensing course waive the State Exam and do not require the purchase of the State Study manual (although the State still highly recommends you purchase it).

Standard Licenses, and Educational Pre-requisites

There are several options available if you want to sell insurance products in the General Lines or Property and Casualty area.

The quickest way to get your 2-20 General Lines license, but the one with the most study, is our 200-hour INS007FL200 General Lines pre-licensing course. This 200-hour course covers all areas of Property and Casualty Insurance, both personal and commercial.

If you are not interested in commercial lines of insurance, you might be interested in the 20-44 Personal Lines license. Our 60-hour INS015FL60 Personal Lines pre-licensing course will prepare you for that career.

Possibly the quickest and easiest way is to get the “entry-level” 4-40 Customer Representative license. Take our 40-hour INS005FL40 Registered Customer Service Representative (RCSR) Designation course. You will work under the supervision of a 2-20 General Lines Agent in an entry-level position. Our Designation courses waive the State Exam, saving you time, effort, and money!

If you later want to move up to a full 2-20 license, you don’t have to take the required full 200-hour course if you have been working (and appointed) for a year with a 4-40, 20-44 or 0-55 license. We have an approved 40-hour INS016FL40 2-20 Conversion Course that, along with the 2-20 State Exam, will enable you to move up to the more independent and higher-paying General Lines Agent position.

Do I need to purchase a State study manual if I take your course? 

Yes, the State requires all pre-licensing students to purchase their appropriate manuals. We have them available here: https://oltraining.com/ec/book-store. Students in Designation courses are not currently required to buy the State study manual, but the State highly recommends them.

What if I don’t feel I know the material enough after the pre-licensing course?

  1. Make sure you have read and studied the appropriate pages/chapters of your State study manual.
  2. You have a full three months (six months for the full 200-hour General Lines course) to study, so you can review all you want even after taking the Final Exam. Up to three one-month extensions may also be purchased.
  3. We offer a variety of extra study courses designed for you to take after finishing a pre-licensing course to prepare you for the State Exam. Here are a few we recommend:

PE003 – 2-20 and 20-44 Practice Question Generator – This course has over 600 questions based on the latest edition of the Florida General Lines and Adjuster Study Manual. You may want to use this course to review your knowledge of all sections of the manual or concentrate on just the parts you feel you need to study more.

Florida 2-20 PASSPREP COURSE (GENERAL LINES/PROPERTY & CASUALTY) (INS020FL) – Another question and answer course divided into 13 areas of Property & Casualty with several quizzes in each area.

Florida Property & Casualty Pass Prep Course (INS002FL) – This unique exam course only exposes you to correct information. Each answer to a question is a correct answer to a question in the course. If you choose the wrong answer for the current question, the response tells you which question that answer does match, which reinforces the correct information throughout each quiz.

The following is a flow chart of the progress from course to license and their common uses. Moving from the 20-44 Personal Lines License or the 4-40 Registered Customer Service Representative to the full 2-20 General Lines License is optional.