Insurance Provides Security

Security is peace of mind and freedom from worry. Most of our economic actions are for the satisfaction of something we perceive as a need. One important need is a sense of security for those whose well-being we are responsible for.

There are nearly universal problems such as death, sickness, accidents, and disability that might occur at any time without warning. Usually, these bring serious financial losses, as well as emotional distress within the family.

Insurance has been developed as a practical means to ease part of the economic problems resulting from the above hazards.

Life insurance replaces the loss of the anticipated income of a spouse and/or parent who dies. Health insurance reimburses medical expenses that could be catastrophic. Disability insurance can fill part of the void when one is unable to produce income. Annuities can provide a guaranteed income stream when one ages beyond the capability to produce earned income, or if a person’s other financial resources are exhausted.

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