OLT now uses Moodle

OLT begins use of Moodle as a virtual classroom, allowing a much improved presentation of courses.

Built on MySQL and PHP, Moodle allows better use of automation in many aspects of the course.

The material on priming students for learning is formalized and published in several peer-reviewed settings, such as the International Self-Directed Learning Symposium in Cocoa Beach, FL, and the Society for Applied Learning Technology in Arlington, VA.

Jack Rotzien, Joan Villari, and Mary Elizabeth Hedglen attended the 2006 Educational Symposium for Financial Planners in West Palm Beach, Florida and provided information to prospective online instructors. The primary purpose of attending was to attract course authors and instructors for new Continuing Education Courses.

If you are interested in becoming an author or instructor at OLT, please contact us.